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Greetings once again Blues Fans!! Utah Blues Society President Brian Kelm here with the second UBS Newsletter! Last time I gave you historical background on your UBS. This time, I’d like to give muchos kudos to those who have, of late, really given it wings. Tony Holiday of Tony Holiday & the Velvetones is the Vice-President. Check your local listings for when he’s playing – as good as he is on guitar, you’ll mostly find him blowing harp and singing nowadays. He seems to be on tour out of state as much as in, so catch him when you can. Same goes for Jordan Young, our Secretary. He is another hardworking, touring blues musician, who is ferocious on guitar and vocals. In fact, one of his incarnations is Candy’s Riverhouse Band, who you will hear for yourself with their raucous rockin’ blues at about 10:15 p.m. this Friday at The State Room (more on that in a minute). Tripp Hopkins has been tirelessly keeping track of the numbers as our Treasurer. He also does this for the Masters Swim Team and so is infinitely qualified to do so for us. In his recent retirement, he’s also been drafted by our mothership, The Blues Foundation in Memphis, to be a Board Member! (Did you also know that Eric Simonsen of Ivins, Utah is the CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD at The Blues Foundation?!

n the spring of 2013, blues musician Tony Holiday had the idea of starting the Utah Blues Society. In the process, he found out that it had formerly existed in the mid-‘90s and was then directed to some of the “old timers” of the Utah blues scene. In tracking me down, it was just the spark I needed to get on board and help resurrect it. I’d been thinking of it for years via my alter ego of playing the blues on KRCL on Monday nights, but life and time constraints always got in the way. Finding out that others were excited about it was enough for us to take the ball and run with it. And run with it we have...

Following the first meeting (5/8/13) with a cross section of devotees, old and new, the wheels were set in motion. Several meetings later and on May 15, 2014, we officially incorporated as a Utah Non-Profit Corporation. Two months later and with the stellar spearheading of non-profit attorney, James Farmer, we applied for 501(c)(3) status, which was unexpectedly readily granted on November 4, 2014!! (Usually it takes over a year). We then became an affiliate of the national Blues Foundation in Memphis (more on that next time). We were also excited to be the beneficiary of the 7/12/14 6th RnB Rendezvous which helped improve our bottom line – thanks to all who came! And BTW, all of the Minutes for our meetings and other legal documents can be found under the “About” tab on our site – check them out! And last, we’ve added YOU, the most important ingredient, to become a member of the UBS. As an officially recognized affiliate of the Blues Foundation, we are required to collect dues from our members to support the efforts/mission statement of the UBS. So as you can see, your UBS has been busy, busy, busy. And while the list of interested fans receiving this Newsletter just cracked 200, many of you aren’t actually dues paying members yet!

So please, if you’re not a member yet, please click on the “Membership” tab on our website and become one. And if you are, thank you so much and be sure to tell a friend (or gift a Membership to a friend this holiday season!). In return, not only will you get a high quality choice of T-shirts, but we are throwing a party just for you! It’s a “UBS Member Appreciation Holiday Party”!! And no, you don’t have to be a member (but it’s infinitely better karma!). Come one, come all. And it’s FREE! Friday, December 19th

Doors open at 7 p.m. with a social hour until 8. Come meet like- minded blues fans and at the State Room on 638 S. State.

sharpen your skills for the 8 p.m. Blues Trivia Contest with yours truly! I have prepared a very fun and informative blues music trivia contest. If you don’t think you know a lot about the blues, all the better, come and learn. It’s designed to entertain as well as inform, with prizes, new CD’s and what-not, for contestants down to 16 places!!

With your improved knowledge of the blues, you’ll then find it far more appreciative listening to members of the River House Band (Patrick McEwen & Kenny Kruckenberg) with special guest friends joining in for some classic blues at 9:15 p.m. Then, at 10:15 p.m. it’s the rock blues of a completely different band with a similar name, Candy’s River House Band, lead by UBS Secretary Jordan Young on guitar/vocals! Friday the 19th

at the State Room. More later, and until next time,

Hope to see you out and about at an upcoming show. Till then...

Brian Kelm - UBS President

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