From the President...       March 12, 2015

Greetings once again Blues Fans!!

Utah Blues Society President Brian Kelm here with the fourth UBS Newsletter! Hope you’ve been getting out and about and enjoying the killer live blues that has been through town in the new year. When there is a wall in the action from a national blues band standpoint, don’t forget there’s plenty of great, live local blues starting off every Monday with the jam at the Green Pig. This jam pretty much took over where the legendary Dead Goat Saloon Monday night jams left off, and you’ll always encounter a familiar, or certainly friendly, face. You never know who’s going to drop in that is passing through town as well! The same goes for jams almost every night of the week, including Timmy’s Jam at the Devil’s Daughter; and 3 jams on Wednesdays - Jimmy’s Jam at The Woodshed; Tommy’s Jam at the Sandtrap in Ogden and now Billy’s Jam at the Golden Hours Center in Ogden too!!

And of course, there’s a slew of local bands who routinely play at the above venues, as well as at Pats BBQ, The Bleu Bistro, The State Room, The Urban Lounge (occasional gut bucket raunchy blues!), The Garage on Beck, Gracie’s, The Hog Wallow, The Bayou, The Depot, Odgen’s Kokomo Club, and The Egyptian Theaters (both in Park City AND in Ogden!). No excuses! You can also find out more about all these venues, and all your favorite local band blues bands on our website, And you band members, if you’re not on there, make yourself known to me and give me a 3 to 5 sentence blurb about your band, following the format on the site. Be sure to minimally include the band’s website, a contact person, and how to reach that contact person by phone and email. We’ve had plenty of people inquire about blues bands for weddings, corporate events etc., and just refer them to the site so they can read up and see what would best fit their bill – that’s the purpose of that website page -- to get you business, so give me complete content/vitals which puts you in your best light!

Now, we know the Calendar function on our site leaves a bit to be desired. We envision something like The State Rooms, and many other clubs, which is more visual, like a desk calendar. However, all of these things cost time and money (and skills we don’t have!!). And in our never ending quest for someone who does web design (cheap, or preferably donated!!!), we are scrambling to upgrade such things as we speak. Very, very soon, one way or the other, we will upgrade the calendar feature. As well as some other things. So again, if that freeloader in the basement isn’t paying you rent, but knows web design, have him/her offer assistance in styling out the Utah Blues Society site! We are just pinching every penny that we get, and have raised, to put it toward other things – like…

THE UTAH BLUES FESTIVAL!!! Somebody say H-E-double hockey sticks YEAH!!! That’s right, our 6 year running RnB Rendezvous has morphed into the more descriptive, easier to remember (and spell!!), UTAH BLUES FESTIVAL!! It will once again be held at the beautiful outdoor amphitheater along the Jordan River, the Utah Cultural Celebration Center. Save the date for Saturday, June 13, from 1 to 10 PM. New this year – there will be two stages – a smaller stage in the plaza area where the food and beverages are (with acoustic/smaller bands), and then the main stage in the amphitheater, like last year. Music will alternate from stage to stage, back to back, so that it will be continuous! We are also working on a national headlining act so stay tuned. Very soon, the website will be up so keep an eye out for that.

 Speaking of local bands and venues, I’ve been wanting to give a shout out to local blues radio for sometime but have always run out of space. Yes, I do a blues program, “Red White and Blues” Monday nights at 8 PM on 90.9 FM, KRCL, but that’s easy – the real heroes of the blues are two volunteer programmers that get up in the middle of the night to bring you blues – Jordan Clayton and Jolene Whitaker! Jordan is the newcomer of the bunch and , brings you “Back Porch Blues Ramble.”  Check out his website FFI and a taste of what he’s all about.  Then for about 20 years, Jolene’s been bringing you “Illustrated Blues” from 3 - 5 a.m. early Friday mornings – WOW, good hustle Jolene!  Check ‘em out.  And of course at any time, you’re liable to hear some blues from John, Ebay, Eugenie, and Bad Brad throughout the day on KRCL.


These Newsletters are somewhat linear so if you missed the first 3, you can read them at our website under “Blues News”!!  Some people didn’t get one or all of these prior newsletters so we checked with Word press and think we have tweaked it so that this won’t happen again. But if you didn’t get it, be sure to let us know! (Ha ha – very funny!).  No really, at least circulate this around, forward it to friends, and let’s make sure everyone is in the loop.  And if you’re not, and/or find out you didn’t get this Newsletter, let me know at  Still always looking for skilled individuals who want to add value to their UBS too. In particular, we could use someone with tax/accounting skills (particularly with non-profits!) and someone good with social media, and/or "Development Director" skills, so lemme know!


Last, upcoming blues shows we plan to have our table at, and that you should attend so that these venues keep booking blues, are:

  • Hamilton Loomis at the Garage on Beck, this Sunday March 15: 8-10 pm - a FREE show at The Garage on Beck!!! WOW, this is gonna be a special treat. He hasn’t been here since The Dead Goat days (3/17/03), almost exactly 12 years ago.
  • Lionel Young Band at the Bleu Bistro, Tuesday March 17: 8-10:30 pm
  • North Mississippi Allstars & Anders Osborne at The Depot, Wednesday April 8th: 8:30-11 pm
  • Coco Montoya at the Bleu Bistro, Monday April 13th: 7-10 pm
  • Canned Heat at the Park City Egyptian Theater, Fri. & Sat. April 17 & 18: 8-11 pm
  • Chris Duarte at the Bleu Bistro, Tuesday & Wednesday April 28 & 29: 8-10 pm
  • John Nemeth at the Bleu Bistro, Monday & Tuesday May 11 &12: 8-10 pm
  • THE UTAH BLUES FESTIVAL, SAT. JUNE 13: 1 – 10 pm!!!

Hope to see you out and about at an upcoming show. Till then...

Brian Kelm - UBS President