From the President...       June 12, 2015

Greetings once again Blues Fans!!

Good morning Blues Fans!! This is it, the big day, ready or not here we come (and we're ready), it's 1ST ANNUAL UTAH BLUES FESTIVAL tomorrow, Saturday, June 13th! Utah Blues Society President Brian Kelm here with the 7th UBS Newsletter letting you know about final prep. If you bought advance tickets, we've got an envelope waiting for you with your name on it (be sure to bring PHOTO ID!!) at "Will Call" right at the front gate (enter from the West side of the venue) where the big world globe and roundabout are. You'll then be given your commemorative physical UBF ticket, along with a special blue stamp. And with your ticket and stamp, you can enter and re-enter as you please.

Music starts at 1 and we'll be ready for you shortly before that. No reason to rush the gates at 12:30 (although we'll be ready for you), plenty of room at that early hour but DO be sure to be there at 1 sharp for the Blues Garage Band, presented by Music Garage - a hand picked group of blues enthusiast teens who sound amazing!!! Good job Steve Auerbach and crew. Think I'm kidding?! Check this out, BB'd be proud: Thrill Is Gone In fact, the whole day will be dedicated to the greatest of all blues figures, B.B. King!! The Thrill will NEVER be gone. Also: see the Blues Garage Band on Fox 13 today at 11:45 a.m. and 12:15 p.m.!!!!

The music continues on, non-stop, after 1 pm so see here for the line-up: UtahBluesFest/lineup. Come early and stay late. We'll keep you fueled up with the best food trucks Salt Lake has to offer: SuAnn's Chow (Asian); Reef's (Middle Eastern); and Chop City (bacon related delicacies b/c everything's better with bacon!). And just added, you can cool down with some Italian ice, gelato, custard, etc., from Rita's Ice!!!

We'll also have choice beers from Moab Brewery (IPA); the new Park City Brewery's "Hooker Blonde Ale" and Miller Lite, all on tap, as well as non-alcoholic Becks; Dust Cutter lemonades/ice teas; and cool new mineralized Sportswater. And by the way, you may wander about, all throughout the enclosed grounds, with your beer.

If you're a harmonica enthusiast, you will want to be in plaza room B, Near the buildings bathrooms on the north side of the venue, At 2:45 PM two forty-five p.m. harmonica workshop . It's free to the first 50 registered, AND you'll walk out of there with your free $20 harmonica and knowledge of how best to blow the blues through it! Presented by James Major, Harry Lee, Zac Parrish and your Utah Blues Society.

Later on in the evening, don't miss legendary Portland, Oregon guitar slinger, Lloyd Jones, on the Amphitheatre stage. He's a guitar player's guitar player and has accolades a mile long - see here:

Lloyd is becoming as well known for his solo acoustic blues as he is with his good rockin’ blues band, The Lloyd Jones Struggle, who will play the UBF tomorrow. But tonight, he's doing a FREE show at the Bleu Bistro. The Bistro gig tonight, Friday, is also MEMBER APPRECIATION NIGHT – your UBS has got you covered! If you get this Newsletter, you’re in! No cover charge for UBS Members so come on down (though per Utah law, being a restaurant, you must buy something/anything so come hungry for the early Bistro show, 7:30 p.m.), and get some of their delicious inexpensive food and enjoy Lloyd in a solo acoustic blues setting. Carl would appreciate your calling the Bistro just to give him an idea of how many are coming so please do so at 801 583-8331. Do you have to be a UBS Member?! No, we’re buried getting ready for the UBF so no one’s going to screen you at the door so come one, come all. This will be a completely different show/format from what you'll see tomorrow at the UBF when he plugs in his electric Lloyd Jones Struggle full band. He’ll also be back 6/28 for the Utah Arts Fest with this full band.

Be sure to continue to keep up to speed with our social media for the latest: and and Facebook pages for each. And then, share all these social media with your friends. Keep blasting out the good word of the Blues on your FB, Twitter, etc. media through tomorrow!!!

Last, this herculean effort called the UTAH BLUES FEST could not have happened without the tireless work of a lot of people, but most notably - Tripp Hopkins on production and what-not (the what-not is crucially important here!!); Paul Bruno on production and merchandise (you are going to freak when you see the quality of his product!!!); Melissa Smith coordinating all the volunteers and then some; and Greg & Sharon Daniels (band relations/staging and hospitality respectively). Our hearts are positively filled with gratitude at the support and advance ticket sales that have already transpired and we are certain that you will feel this is one of the best, and best run, blues festivals you have ever attended! And we're just going up from here!!!!!!!

Gotta run, out to the UT Cultural Celebration Center to get set up!!!! SEE YOU TOMORROW FOR THE UTAH BLUES FEST!

Till then... Love Them Blues,

Brian Kelm - UBS President