6th Avenue Street Band

The band is comprised of musicians that have been around for years. Starting with Nik D. (Vocals/Harp) of the original Sinners in the late 60’s – 70’s and then Sunday, Axis and Hard Road, all of which were successful blues and rock bands. Bill L. (Guitar) and Nik D. met up in Hard Road. Bill “Electric” B. (Drums/Vocals) and Bob D. (Bass) also came from regional and nationally known groups like Parrallax, Shalako, David Daniel Band, and the Ron Brown Band. Check us out on Facebook and Reverbnation.com, play a tune or two, "Like" if you are so inclined and join the 6th Avenue neighborhood. FFI you can also text or call Nik at 801-967-5407.

Meeet 6th Avenue Street Band.