Blood Brothers - Mike Zito & Albert Castiglia

Gulf Coast Records’ Blues Music Award-Winners Mike Zito and  Albert Castiglia bond as Blood Brothers on new CD coming  early 2023. Blood Brothers was produced by Joe Bonamassa  and Josh Smith and recorded at Dockside Studio in Maurice,  Louisiana. 

Mike Zito and Albert Castiglia are true “Blood Brothers” in life  and in the music they create both individually and collectively,  joining forces in a collaborative effort of songwriting and  performances to create a total listening experience greater than  the sum of its parts. Added to that process are the talents of  producers Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith, who brought fresh  ideas to the recording sessions, pushing Mike and Albert  creatively and musically to present their best work to date. 

“Mike and Albert have a special chemistry together when they  plug in and play that few have. They finish each other’s  sentences musically,” award-winning guitarist Joe Bonamassa  said about the sessions. “Great tunes, great people, great hang!  What’s not to like? It was an honor to be involved in this  project.” 

“Mike Zito and Albert Castiglia have done something special,”  added co-producer Josh Smith. “They have both found their  musical confidante. Most solo artists never even look – let alone  find – theirs. They have brought together a real ‘band’ using  members of each’s solo acts. The sum of all these parts added  with a tremendous effort to both write and perform the strongest record of their respective careers has paid off in a special album. Blood Brothers indeed! Joe and I are proud that these brothers trusted our partnership to produce this special album!” 

Event Information

Event Date May 22, 2023 7:00 pm
Individual Price $40.00
Location The State Room

Venue Information - The State Room

Routinely voted SLC's best live music venue!

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